Our Process


We offer a complimentary first meeting to answer your questions and determine the value to you in working with us. During the meeting, we will discuss "Our Commitment to You" and "How to get the most value out of your advisor relationship". Additionally, we will provide you with a copy of "Learn how your financial advisor adds value", our ADV and our Client Agreement to review before hiring us. Upon returning the completed Client Agreement and our signed acceptance you become a client of Prudent Wealthcare. 

Data Gathering  


We provide you a Retirement Lifestyle Workbook to complete with information that is easy for you to provide at your convenience. After you return the completed workbook, we meet (in person or over the phone) to go over the workbook information provided and further discuss your situation to gain enough knowledge to provide you with your Financial Plan and appropriate Low-Cost Investment Portfolio Recommendation(s). 

Financial Plan and Low-Cost Investment Portfolio Recommendation(s)


About 2 weeks from the completion of Data Gathering, you can expect to receive your Financial Plan and your Low-Cost Investment Portfolio Recommendation(s). We meet again (In person or over the phone) to go over the Financial Plan and Investment Portfolio Recommendation(s). Regarding your Financial Plan, we believe "Everyone needs and deserves a Quality Financial Plan."® We utilize MoneyGuidePro®: Financial Planning Software. MoneyGuidePro® facilitates our collaborative relationship with our clients and has been named the #1 Financial Planning Software for 11 years in a row.*



When you are completely comfortable with your Financial Plan and Investment Portfolio Recommendation(s) it will be time to implement your plan and portfolio. Investment account establishment and consolidation may be needed before buying the recommended investments that will comprise your Investment Portfolio(s). Be assured, we are right there with you through this process to make it equally simple for novice or sophisticated investors alike.

Ongoing Support


We would like touch base with you at least quarterly to discuss your questions and concerns. We provide you a rebalance recommendation for your Investment Portfolio(s) at least annually and guide you through the implementation of your rebalance recommendation(s). Your rebalance recommendation(s) provides you with our most up-to-date and respectively allocated Prudent Wealthcare Model Portfolio. We update your financial plan as needed, track progress and review it with you. We are available to discuss your questions and concerns anytime.

* Financial Planning Tech Survey 2018

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