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A Dynamic Financial Plan

The Traditional Way

A Financial Firm's Representative completes a short questionnaire with you to determine a starting asset allocation for your investment portfolio that they will be investing on your behalf.

Our Way


We believe "Everyone needs and deserves a Quality Financial Plan."® We utilize MoneyGuidePro® Financial Planning Software. MoneyGuidePro® facilitates our

collaborative relationship with our clients and has been named the #1 Financial Planning Software for 11 years in a row.*


We complete an extensive information gathering process with you in order to develop your MoneyGuidePro® Financial Plan that will be a flexible

foundation for our collaborative relationship.

You have computer based access to your financial plan through your client portal that provides a snapshot of your success probability, goals, portfolio allocation and net worth. Your snapshot can broaden into explorable details and let you play with various what if scenarios. 

* Financial Planning Tech Survey 2018

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