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Low-Cost Investment Portfolios

The Traditional Way

A Financial Advisor representing a Brokerage Firm sells you suitable investment products that generate revenue to the Firm via the investment product's expenses, loads and/or commissions. The higher the expense ratio of the investment products sold typically results in greater revenue being generated to the firm. 

Registered Investment Advisors charge you a percentage (typically 1%) on the assets they manage for you which usually results in you paying a higher dollar expense for having more assets with them.

Curious what you are paying  for your current portfolio? 
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Our Way

You proactively use low-cost investment products to build a well diversified and appropriately allocated investment portfolio. An investment portfolio with minimal expense leaks allows you to keep more of your portfolio working for you.  

We utilize a flat fee structure so you are not unfairly charged more just because you have more assets with us.

"Beware of Little Expenses. 

A Small Leak Will Sink a Great Ship."

Benjamin Franklin

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